Yesterday I went to Cheia (Prahova County) on a relaxing weekend trip and I noticed that “Festivalul Bujorului” was ongoing. Cheia is usually a calm and quiet place, but yesterday you could hear popular songs all over the village. Seems that the festival is related to Bujor flower (indecently my name as well), a beautiful red flower which is supposed to show up around Muntele Rosu. As usual, good food is available around such celebrations.

Festivalul Bujorului de Munte

I noticed many people dressed in romanian popular costumes and the full celebration had a traditional flavour. You can see bellow some pictures with the atmosphere of the place.

Festivalul Bujorului - Cheia

People Singing Popular Songs

Festivalul Bujorului

People walking in a pretty busy Cheia.

Exploring the nature

After walking a bit around the main activity area, we decided to go and explore the nature. I enjoyed breathing some perfect fresh air, but my wife decided that recent bear-related news are a good reason to limit the walking plan. Nevertheless, I managed to get some nice pictures with flowers, even though the Bujor flower was not there.

Purple flower in the forest

Flower in the Forest

Butterfly and Flowers

Butterfly and Flowers

That said, we also drive (like lazy tourists) to Muntele Rosu and noticed many people enjoying their weekend on the grass. I guess they were looking for the same Bujor flower and ended up disappointed, so they decided to fry to mititei and pork on the grill. I must say that area was still very clean and people seem educated to camp in an environment friendly way.

Here’s a view from over the area were people camp:

Panorama from Muntele Rosu

Panorama from Muntele Rosu

How to reach Cheia, Prahova?

The easiest way is to follow DN 1A from Bucharest or Brasov. If coming from Bucharest, you will find Cheia around 35 km before Brasov. I recommend this place to anyone trying to relax after a busy time. The air is fresh and one of the cleanest I ever remember to breath.