My name is Alex and I am a photographer based in Muscat, Oman. This will be my photo gallery, a place where I want to share what I see through my lenses. And my favorite baby is the 35 mm prime lens, delivering such an amazing clarity that it inspired the name of my website.

As for me, I like to do a lot of travelling, so expect a lot of pictures from fabulous places. Also I love shooting my favorite model, my girlfriend Jenna, and for sure she will be a really important heroine for this site :). I hope to get the chance to post pictures from family and an other kind of events, but I am not going for high volume work. Better little excellent pieces than high volumes where is difficult to pay attention to every detail.

I can provide photography services in Muscat and surroundings,  for a great price starting with 30 OMR / hour. Write me on . If you are interested in any of the pictures available here for commercial purposes, let me know at the same mail address.

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