Who is shooting this?

selfI am Alex and I am an enthusiastic photographer based in Muscat, Oman. I am posting here my work and impressions from what I can see through my lenses, especially through my favorite 35 mm prime lens.

Most of my photography is happening in Muscat and surroundings, as well as some adventurous places of Oman. As you will see from my pictures, my photo-passions are related to travelling, outdoor activities, night shots and any other kind of adventure photos. Hence is nothing surprising that I also run this off-roading website, which I love: http://www.myoffroad.net/

Recently I discovered being so enjoyable to work with my favorite top-model, Jenna, my wife, for portraits and model shots. Nature, mountains, gardens or seaside, all of them look so nice when a smiling face is adding the nice feeling of happiness.


You can find three main galleries on this photography website:

  • Places – landscapes and pictures from trips, mainly around Muscat and Oman
  • Models – pictures of human models
  • Events – pictures from different events
  • Family – photo sessions from family events

You can also read my posts on the blog.people_of_35mm

If we just meet you walking around and I took some photos for you, download from here –> People of 35mmprime.com gallery.

Looking for a Photographer in Muscat?

logo-fundal-alb-micI can provide photography services in Muscat and surroundings,  for a great price around 30 OMR / hour. Write me on contact@35mmprime.com . I am in for services like:

  • Outdoor shooting sessions – like taking pictures in some nice place for you and your family
  • Adventure sessions – take pictures in the desert or on some steep mountain climb while off-roading
  • Portraits and family pictures – photo shooting sessions for kids, parents and the whole family
  • Events – contact me for any event which needs pro photography, including weddings, art expos or any other kind of events.

If you are interested in any of the pictures available here for commercial purposes, let me know at the mail address listed above.