High Quality Pictures

We offer high quality pictures for large prints and canvas prints, as well as pictures which can be licensed for publishing in magazines and newspapers. Most of the images we provide are quality pictures from Oman, Romania and Philippines. You can anytime take a look at my portfolio, 500px gallery or Instagram account.

We take all pictures with professional Nikon cameras equipped with high resolution sensors and because of this we can provide images at the quality that you’ll love.

Our partners can print large canvas prints and deliver them to your home.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Professional Photography Services

We can provide professional photography services in two locations:

  • Bucharest, Romania (not limited to Bucharest, covering all country)
  • Boracay, Philippines (based on confirmed appointments)

All events are covered with professional equipments in order to achieve the high quality we always aim for. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to book them online or contact us through e-mail or phone.

Who is shooting this?

high quality picturesHi! This is Alex and I have a passion for photography discovered while I worked in Oman for few years. The first lens I really enjoyed was the 35 mm prime Nikon F1.8, which is a fantastic piece of glass – hence the name of this website. Nikon is my favourite brand, so I started shooting with a Nikon D5200, but switched later on D750 as my workhorse.

I had the chance to travel a lot around Oman and loved to take pictures from this beautiful arab country. Hence I have a huge collection of pictures from all my trips around Oman and a lot of quality images from Muscat, Oman mountains and desert.

Since my wife is from Philippines, I get quite often chances to see amazing islands and tremendous nature all with a spice of Asian culture. Now, back in Romania, I am rediscovering the beauty of Europe and I’ll do my best to capture it through my lenses. I love offroading and I am happy to run best Oman off-roading website – http://www.myoffroad.net/.

Big thanks to my wife, Jenna, who is my model most of the time.


  • Professional Shooting Session (studio, indoor or outdoor) – 60 EUR/hour
  • Event Coverage – Pricing depending on event
  • High Quality Images – Starting from 50 EUR/image for commercial licensing and 20 EUR/image for editorial licensing
  • Canvas Prints – Pricing depends on the size of the print